Change will be coming…

…to me that is, not this blog. It has been brewing for quite some time. And then you reach the point of action – take action or do nothing. What has galvanised me? A host of things of which some are possible future posts as I take the actual steps.

And how will I adhere to my overwhelming desire for change, knowing that change is not the easiest of things to fully go through with? I am going to endeavour to hang on to two things. On our last day in Fiji for breakfast just two days ago we were sat on table number 13 – 13 is my lucky number, I was born on a Friday the 13th! – and I took it as a symbol, a sign, a prompt from the universe (though of course one could also take it a sheer coincidence, but where it the joy in that!). And while I do not believe in horoscopes as we were waiting for pick up from the hotel to take us to the airport I read mine in the local newspaper. I have been thinking about what needs to change for a while, this is not holiday random thought, and it simply resonated with me, in particular the last line, “Make choices now or life will choose for you later”. This is about me taking back the reins of life and giving direction, not being led or simply wandering without thought.

horoscope scorpio

Stating the obvious

What did I learn on Friday…that I need some child, other half, and work free time on a regular basis. And also think that time should be during the week. Now I do not mean every week (though that might be nice…). It just hit home that I need to escape work and family and just be me, something that rarely makes it to the top of the ‘to do’ list. Probably have known this for a while but perhaps afraid to admit it aloud. Though have said a version of this before – the whole life is too crazy, rant of a working mum springs to mind. Friday was in hindsight a needed reinforcement. Life has got too crazy again, and an action plan is in the making.

In the interim here is evidence from Friday. I was heading home after an appointment to continue work rather than head to back to the office. Instead I actively waylaid myself at the shops, wandering here and there, stopped and ate a late lunch, and it was all fun! The photo does not clearly show it, but the black at the back is two items not one, a pair of trousers and a black jumper. If you are going to confess – have to ‘fess it all up!

How do you find me time amongst the madness of work and motherhood?

North Melbourne


Not really a post, but watched Grimsby last night, and have to recommend it. If you want a good belly laugh this could be the movie for you. It is of course risque, as is Sacha Baron Cohen’s style. However my approximately 70 year old mother-in-law was sitting next to me on the couch and was laughing just as hard.  What more can I say?

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Cafe Melbourne in Thames

I consider myself a small town girl in origin. Devonport was my first home, after the age of five I lived in a village in the UK, returning to NZ from the age of ten where Thames was home until I headed off to University.

I was recently back in my old home town of Thames, not having been there for three and a half years. In that time a new cafe has opened, Cafe Melbourne, supposedly bringing some Melbourne to Thames. Given I reside in Melbourne, and have done for 12 years, and have one of the best cafes in Melbourne on our proverbial doorstep (Auction Rooms), feel qualified to pass comment on whether Cafe Melbourne is bringing some Melbourne to Thames… And it does!

We were only in town for for 3 days, and went twice.  The coffee is GREAT, and the food DIVINE.  I laughingly joked (semi-seriously) this is good enough that can we come back on the weekend? (knowing we would be back in the real Melbourne). My other half said the food was of Auction Rooms quality – for those of you who have ever ventured to the Auction Rooms in North Melbourne, this is high praise indeed, even more so if you knew my other half!

And as an aside – the owner’s back story is on the back of the menu, worth the read so won’t spoil that surprise. And as it is with small towns, my Dad was a frequent purchaser from the owner’s father’s shop many years ago, so that random thread of connection.

Did not even think to take photos (or is that, was too lazy to take photos of my own…), here are some of theirs instead. If you ever pass through Thames visit – you will not be disappointed. Imagine any choice from the menu will delight, I highly recommend the chicken salad – it was to die for!

Cafe Melbourne Thames

Cafe Melbourne Thames

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Baby Blanket Pattern

A delightful staff member at work is having her first child, so exciting. Now she is a talented woman – knit, crochet, make amazing cakes – you name it she can do it. So it is rather daunting to even think about making something myself to give to her. However she is such a generous person how can I not. So I have started a baby blanket for her. Potentially high risk – I did not finish the one for my daughter until the week after she was born! I am not making it in the size in the picture – I am making it to fit a pram/pushchair. Hope the downsize does not effect the look of the blanket.

baby blanket north melbourne

Now the colours in this blanket are gorgeous. I have deviated from the picture, another risk. I have gone with a single variegated green and yellow yarn, along with a white for the narrow stripe; so no alternating soft green and soft blue. Only about eight rows in at the moment so I will take a photo later for opinions about whether I made the right decision. And I am not being intentionally tight by purchasing an acrylic yarn – it was not my original intent, but I wanted to make a blanket that it did not matter whether it fell or was kicked out of the pushchair and onto the ground, as you will just be able to throw it in the washing machine.

The pattern is free, so if you like this, please find it here.  I am also kind of excited as I am using circular knitting needles for the first time in my life.  Wish I had known that you could use these for a blanket when I was knitting my daughter’s – I was using pegs to keep the stitches from falling off the end of the needles!

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Where the Wild Mums Are

For all you Mums (and Moms) out there.  Get yourself, or read someone else’s copy of Where the Wild Mums Are by Katie Blackburn, and beautifully illustrated by Sholto Walker. It is the perfect book, maybe for when you have got past one of ‘those days’! I could not resist and bought it for myself.


This is living…

Had the very recent joy of an overdue and not long enough holiday – aren’t they always! Visited Glenorchy for the first time in my life. For those of you unfamiliar, Glenorchy is a small town at the top of Lake Wakatipu. It was a sensational autumn day last Thursday, no wind, sun shining, a lake so still it was like a mirror. Look a little closer at the photo below, a perfect reflection of the floating platform – did not even realise until now. My response to standing on the jetty looking at this vista is that work is highly overrated! If you ever happen to visit I can recommend the Glenorchy Cafe & Bar.  We had a coffee and sat in the sunshine admiring some fantastic sculptures. The photo does not do the piece justice – the detail in the work is amazing, the work is exquisite. The sculptor’s name is Dan Kelly, and he has a site here.

Glenorchy Queenstown New Zealand

dan kelly sculpture